May 20, 2016

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Sixty years ago, Betty Friedan wrote the groundbreaking work The Feminine Mystique. In it, she taps into an underlying and unnamed frustration among suburban women who were educated to join the workforce and then told that to be truly feminine, they must stay home and engage in all things domestic.

Sadly, when we look at the landscape today, we see that although much has changed, too much has stayed the same. Although over 70% of women are in the workforce and are required to work to survive, motherhood is still painted as a polarizing choice between being a “stay-at-home mom” and a “working mom”. Labels and statistics are used to box women in during a time when they most need to feel connected and free.

Women who do stay home also report increasing levels of dissatisfaction, and the perfectionism and judgment running through every parenting article and Pinterest post is insidious. This can cause women to feel like they will never be enough for their kids, even when that is what they are spending so much of their time and energy working to achieve.

Job satisfaction for women (and men) in traditional roles continues to decline. Two-parent families struggle to maintain their lifestyle while also parenting their children with time and intention. This doesn’t even begin to consider single mothers, who continue to suffer under impossible economic, social and emotional obstacles.

Here at The New Mystique, we believe that all this matters. We believe that being a mom changes everything, and how it changes you is unique to every woman.

Join us as we explore the intersection of motherhood and vocation with honesty and grace.

This isn’t just motherhood as we know it. It’s motherhood, reimagined.


Hilary Barnett, Founder

It's time to thrive, mama.

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Hilary Barnett

Hilary Barnett is the founder of The New Mystique where she believes every mother is extraordinary, and typically writes the words that she most needs to hear.

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